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Roofing Materials Available in Canada and America

At Campbell River Shake & Shingle, we believe in bringing you the best quality roofs that will protect your home for years to come. Our shakes and shingles all come from reputable sources, ensuring they are always up to grade. In fact, many of the products we install are made in-house! We also offer limited warranties (30 or 50 years) on our treated products. Our shakes and shingles are also very popular in the States thanks to our complete commitment to quality. Brokers working on behalf of American commercial and industrial businesses come to us for our professionalism and consistent results.


If you’re interested in specialty orders, we’d be happy to oblige – we offer a wide variety of roofing products that can be incorporated into your roof to ensure energy efficiency and protection from the elements.


Customize your roof with:

  • Fire-retardant treated cedar shakes and shingles
  • Preservative-treated cedar shakes and shingles
  • Staggered butt applications
  • Mansard roof details
  • Low slope roofing
  • Roof junctures
  • Slope transitions
  • Swept or bell eave
  • Valley flashing for shakes and shingles
  • Ridge vents
  • And more!


Call our office for more details.

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